Sunday, May 6, 2012

More on faithfulness

More peace in my home since I started acting more kindly and attentive to my hubby.  I help him remember his meds, massage him, tease him and talk to him more.   And he is in turn happier.   So things are better! 

Would that things were better everywhere.  But alas, we do what we can and make things better wherever we are.  

The Spring of Sustainability sessions continue through June, and they are awesome.   How I hope to harness some of the inspiration I'm feeling, and learn more, much more, from the experts I listen to.   Somewhere on the planet someone is reading this, and I hope to share what I learn.  

Peace and justice, y'all


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have been listening to the Spring of Sustainabilty's weekday teleconference interviews with leaders in sustainability.  It has been very inspiring, mostly.  Each person is asked the same question at the end:  what one thing should listeners do to make the world more sustainable? 

The answers are in a few categories.  First, get going.  Take the first step.  Take personal inventory.  Know your values and priorities and act on them.  

These ideas do not relate strictly and solely to environmental issues.   They work in other dimensions as well. 

Sustainabilty does not relate strictly to environmental issues.   Sustainabilty means living now in a way that ensures future generations can do likewise.  So there is also social sustainability.   Fair housing.  Access to good education.  Access to good health care.  

Sounds like the things that constitute a just and peaceful, verdant world.  

The Spring of Sustainability series continues through the end of the month.  Visit them online and tune in.  It's really worth it.

Peace, and justice, y'all