Thursday, April 28, 2011

On simplicity

My work to declutter my study continue, and I'm nearly done with the paper part. Next, cleaning, restoring, painting.

Decluttering is to simplicity as...registering to vote is to justice?

I realize the path I'm on leads to a simpler condition. The path is dirty and dusty, filled with emotional and sentimental obstacles. Some I cast into the recycle bin with cathartic satisfaction. Some went into the bin with a fond farewell. The material remains in my heart, but not my drawers. Some obstacles I keep to be someone else's issue some other day.

I like my study now. It is not yet pretty, but it's airy and open, a huge change. In a few days it will be much prettier, because I will clean this weekend and order new windowblinds.

Simplicity....thus freed from clutter, my heart is lighter and I feel the promise of possibilities. I will be a better person soon. Perhaps I am already?

Peace, Y'all


Monday, April 25, 2011

Immigration Reform in the US-- where do we start?

My continuing concern about the plight of the fired dairy workers from RubyRidge Dairy in SE Washington brings me to the immigration debate. Comprehensive immigration reform will shine the light of justice into America's darker corners. It is the workers' undocumented status that lets owners to exploit their workers.

Here is a website that shatters a few myths about immigrants in the US.

Please share this, especially readers in the USA.

Peace, y'all


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A nice evening

I hosted two of my best friends for dinner tonight. What a pleasant evening. Living the good life...

Peace y'all


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Climate deniers

A coworker sent me a link to Sunday's New York Times editorial by Paul Krugman. It is titled "The truth, still inconvenient."

You can google it by the title. Since I'm writing this via my iPhone I can't hyperlink, sorry.

Climate deniers set up a technical study to refute climate change. The deck was stacked, yet the guy they picked changed his mind in the luligjtvof the overwhelming evidence.

I'm ashamed of my country. There are many good people, but the climate deniers will paralyze us. And if the US fails to take action, we are sealing our doom.

No peace if we keep wrecking our planet

Peace y'all