Monday, May 31, 2010

on the brink of being a better citizen of the world.

Home again, after 4 days in Seattle for the folklife festival. I spent a lot of money. I hope I don't regret it later. I don't regret it now.

I saw a few of my Quaker acquaintances today. It was neat to see folks I know. I saw more West-side Quakers I knew than East-side people from anywhere.

My companion drove, and drove fast. Very unJohnWoolmanlike. Me, I want to get deeper into my faith and practice, starting tomorrow. Want to read about John Woolman. Pray more too.

Retail abstinence lite-- one week only. Also I will minimize my driving. That shold help a lot.

peace, y'all


Sunday, May 30, 2010

More on What Would John Woolman Drive

Purpose of quaker queries is to get one thinking, then aligning one's actions and behaviors with the light and grace of God.

Darn that pesky query about what would John Woolman drive!

I often take the bus home from work, and less often (get up early enough to) take the bus in the morning.

When I do take the bus to work, the bus stop is in the city's busiest street, and I watch car after car after car with just one occupant. I become self-righteous and outraged (mildly). I'm waiting for the bus, breathing the exhaust from all these SOVs.

Then some days I drive. I am a driver of a single-occupant-vehicle. I'm one of "them."

The --dare I say it? -- hypocrisy? -- of this dichotomy rattles inside me quite dissonantly. I have moral dissonance. Not good.

In June I will buy a bus pass and endeavor to drive -- not at all-- to work. Perhaps dissonance will yield to grace.

Peace, y'all.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

What would John Woolman drive?

Gentle readers, John Woolman is the American Quaker version of a saint. He walked, mainly, because horses were treated poorly.

We in the US are addicted to oil. Oil:
o contributes directly and hugely to global climate weirding
o is bankrupting our nation
o Is to valuable to burn, really
o comes from environmental sensitive areas, since the oil in easier places has
already been burned up
o Comes from Petrodicators, whose profits go to suppress their own people and to foment violence against America.

Still, we drive and drive and drive. I'm getting better about bus but there is so much more to do.

Smoking used to be glamorous. No longer, now we scorn and shun smokers. Can we effect the same change for single-user vehicles? how?

Friday, May 14, 2010

On Tithing

I have decided to tithe. Our agi was $59K and my 1040 said we donated $2282. We probably gave more but I can't find the records. So I will give another $4K this year.

It's lovely weather and I have been feeling fairly good. Hope you do too

Peace y'all


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bye bye, beads!

Today I sent the beads (what few were left) back to Bead for LIfe, along with a large wad of checks.

I raised $2530!

Last week I went to the BeadforLife website and clicked a link to an article about it by Nicholas Kristof. I went through the comments, thinking to add one of my own about what a spiritually nourishing and FUN experience it was for me.

What a gold mine! Many of the commenters gave links to other wonderful-looking groups like Bead for Life. I marked them as favorites and can't wait to go back and consider them more carefully.

Okay, the bead chapter is over, now on to other peacemaking efforts, but what? I enjoy seeing what unfolkds.

Today I will start my first -ever loaf of sourdough bread. The yeast are yearning for flour as I write! Also tonight, dinner with cousins Carol and Peter, from Boston, who are bicyling across the U.S. Both are uber-obstetric radiologists, and on the way they are lecturing at medical facilities to prepare others for their board exams. And they are updating a book, and blogging. Check it out!

Peace, y'all