Sunday, May 30, 2010

More on What Would John Woolman Drive

Purpose of quaker queries is to get one thinking, then aligning one's actions and behaviors with the light and grace of God.

Darn that pesky query about what would John Woolman drive!

I often take the bus home from work, and less often (get up early enough to) take the bus in the morning.

When I do take the bus to work, the bus stop is in the city's busiest street, and I watch car after car after car with just one occupant. I become self-righteous and outraged (mildly). I'm waiting for the bus, breathing the exhaust from all these SOVs.

Then some days I drive. I am a driver of a single-occupant-vehicle. I'm one of "them."

The --dare I say it? -- hypocrisy? -- of this dichotomy rattles inside me quite dissonantly. I have moral dissonance. Not good.

In June I will buy a bus pass and endeavor to drive -- not at all-- to work. Perhaps dissonance will yield to grace.

Peace, y'all.


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