Saturday, June 9, 2012

Slavery again

I have not blogged in some time and in the interim, I have worked at an amazing exhibit about human exploitation called "Sold."   Please visit

I learned a lot more about modern slavery through the time I spent helping the exhibit.   I had a fun job - I sold jewelry and crafts made by child survivors of sexual slavery in Cambodia.   The products are from a wonderful organization called Agape International, which  you can visit at

I enjoyed browsing through the bracelets, and yes, I was a good customer too.   I received almost as much $ in donations as I did in sales, which is truly lovely.  

When it was quiet, I read one of the books on the book table - Renting Lacy.  It was an easy read intellectually but not emotionally.  Quite powerful - I recommend it.  Author is Linda Smith, a Washington state former legislator, and now the founder of Shared Hope International. 

This experience was about a month ago, and it is still very much with me.  

Please visit these web sites and become a little more aware, and then a little more engaged.  

Peace and justice, y'all


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