Saturday, April 21, 2012


The importance of Truth has become very clear to me.  If we see truth, how can we not become humbled by it?  How can we keep up our pretences if we see the truth?   I think it's impossible.

I came to this understanding about truth through a quote involving growing our personal strengths in three areas:   precision, gentleness, and ability to let go.    "Precision" rattled around in my head quite dissonantly, and a friend suggested to think of it as seeing things accurately.   And to me that means recognizing truth.  

I find this very humbling.   Yet familiar.  I am Quaker, and the formal name of our group is the Religious Society of Friends.  And we are friends of....... TRUTH.   So my Quaker forebears already recognized the cardinal place of truth in our human understanding, faith and practice.   Seeking more truth.

The revelations I have found and shared about trafficking are part of seeing the truth.   First we see the problem, then we imaging a solution, then we enlist others and bring the solution into being. 

Truth.... A beautfiul and powerful force.  

Yes, this is part of my nonlinear path to personal peacemaking.   Seeing truth, God willing, will help me see the right path to increase the amount of peace and justice in this world. 

Glad we didn't spend money today on fancy fish.   Glad we didn't gamble in the raffle at the gig today.  (Meeting? Event? Party? I don't know.)  Seems to me a better way to spend money is to help others.   A little glimmer of truth there, just a weak and faint one. 

Peace and justice, y'all


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