Sunday, February 1, 2009

Comment j'ai passe mon weekend

How I Spent My Weekend (in 10th grade French, it was the assignment every week to write an essay entitled "Comment j'ai passe mon weekend." It really stuck with me)

I attended the silent weekend for the Pacific NW Qtr of North Pacific Yearly Meeting. It was wonderful. No speech for 40 hours. We worshipped in meetings for worship and in mindful activities. It was rich, fun, and filled with grace.

I had hoped the weekend would recharge me spiritually and help me find ways to help Obama form a more perfect union.

It did, and I did.

Je me suis tres bien amusee (I had a very good time).

I lavished attention (really wallowing!) in the prayer structure I learned in the very amusing book The Year of Living Biblically, which I recommend cheerfully. The structure is ACTS. Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication. The spirit really opened up and the Thanksgiving and supplication sections were huge, and wonderful. Then ideas poured forth, just as I'd hoped.

And that was only the first worship session, just after we clammed up our yappers!

More tomorrow

Peace, y'all


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