Wednesday, February 4, 2009

stillness and connectedness

Courtesy of Rooms for Peace, a portland-area group.

Here in one BIG GULP are attrbutes of personal peacemaking.

abundance, confidence, fulfillment. orderliness, self-reliance, acceptance, connectedness, goodness, patience, serenity, altruism, contentment, grace, placidity, service, balance, coolness, gratitude, poise, silence, beauty, cooperation, groundedness, purity, stability, benevolence, courtesy, harmony, quietude, stillness, calmness, creativity, honor, receptivity, sustainability, caring, empowerment, interdependence, relaxation, tranquility, centeredness, equability
justice, reliability, trust, cleanliness, equality, lightness, respect, unification, comfort, equanimity, modesty, reverence, unity, communication, even-mindedness, nobility, safety, universality, compassion, expansiveness, non-attachment, satisfaction, well-being completeness. faith
non-violence, security, wholeness, composure, freedom/liberty, oneness, self-assurance, wholesomeness

Quite a list. As you read it, did you find a few of them calling to you more strongly?

I did.

My mind lingered on stillness and connectedness.

Especially on weekends I find myself in constant motion, and it's tiring. Sometimes I only pause in the bathroom and at the dining table. I can't feel still and I feel its absence keenly. What I loved about the silent weekend was that I could be still. Nothing whatsoever kept me from it, in fact.

Connectedness delights me. I love finding new connections. I think of community as a tapestry, and the more warps and wefts, the tighter the weave, the stronger the fabric-- and the greater the possibility for beauty. At our big inauguration party, it surprised me to learn who already knew who. More connections. The fabric of my community is a little stronger.

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