Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doing small things in a great way

Yesterday I really tried to do small things in a great way. I didn't do anything worth reporting--just usual chore stuff-- but did it with great focus. I saw faces. I asked for folks' names. I tried to learn a little Vietnamese. I breathed deeply, prayed in odd places (the mall, eg) and worked hard. I used the bus to grocery shop. I even tried to still my internal chatter! And, 16164 steps on my pedometer, which might be a record.

I am pleased to report I wrote to Utne to express my disappointment the latest issue didn't back up its claim to show how to fix our schools, stop genocide, and conquer fear. I also emailed the president to share with him the wishes for his first term from the folks who attended our inauguration eve party on 1/21.

These were some of the ideas that came to me at the Quaker silent weekend.

My weight is down a teensy bit, too

Peace, y'all


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