Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have the word faithful in my password and everytime I type it I think about faithfulness.  Having faith?  the condition of having faith.  Feeling full of faith?    Faith is not my strong suit, practice is.  In Quaker terms, what you do is your practice and what is in your heart is your faith.  So I am more grounded in taking positive steps than in mere belief.

Yet I pray constantly.  Go figure

I pray for peace, I pray for justice.  I pray for my country and for my planet.  And for myself-my health and peace of mind and the like.  

I have been listening to daily teleconferences about sustainability.  Every interview closes with "what is the one most important thing for your listeners to do? "  And there is some consistency in the reply:  get started.  Do something.  Do Some Thing, and it will lead to the next, and the next, and soon you'll have allies and a movement and perhaps an achievement. 

So I dive into this blog and hope these random thoughts help you, dear reader, go somewhere and do some thing.

Peace, y'all


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