Tuesday, May 5, 2009

more about clutter

A little more thinking about clutter.

A few years ago at a Quaker interest group meeting I rewrote the Lord's Prayer. I love my version. Here is an excerpt

female magnificent frigatebird

Please guide me, please strip from my heart and light the clutter and bitter residue of human failings.

So much of my clutter are my false assumptions, my hopes, my delusions of things I intended to do. Evidence of promises broken. Magazines I meant to read, clothes I've been meaning to mend. piles of recipes that tempted me but I never tried, half-completed craft projects, bags of supplies for projects I wanted to do but didn't get to. And sometimes still promise myself that I will.

The bitter residue of this human's failings.

And sometimes, clearing that clutter is admitting failure. And pitching stuff reminds me of how wasteful I, a typical modern American, am. So the satisfaction of clearing space and establishing open, clear places in my space and my heart has that ugly downside--all the crap I'm putting into another part of the planet.

The next part of my prayer is this:

Wash away my weaknesses and wrongdoings. Help my truth and strength to shine.

that's a good note to stop on.

Peace, y'all


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