Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peace in Iraq, peace with Cuba, peace with former enemies

My thoughts go to other countries today.

Cuba - today I watched a documentary called "the Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil." And I watched Cubans who have much to teach to their neighbors to the north.
Japan - today is the anniversary of the 1995 expression of remorse for World War II from the parliament. Japan was our enemy and is now a powerful trading partner. Ditto Germany. When will it be Cuba's turn?
Iraq - today state flags are at halfmast because another one of our citizens has died on Iraqi soil in the military conflict there. I grieve his death, and pray we can soon end the suffering and begin in earnest the healing and reconciliation the region so badly needs.

One of the Cubans advised, "think globally, act locally." So I will. Another letter to the editor (at least more than 2 people will read it), and some prayerful contemplation. Then more local action, but what they are I don't yet know.

peace, y'all


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