Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I feel connected to the world

I just came back from a visit to five Carribean cities. I saw faces and tried new languages, left my money behind here and there. Also I went bird watching and it was wonderful.

I was on a cruise. I really wondered how to work for peace on a ship dedicated to luxury and pleasure. The answer surprised me.

First, the ship's environmental officer spoke to my group and revealed all the ways the ship protects the environment. That was a comforting revelation.

Also, I challenged myself to find as many of the 62 nationalities of ship employees as I could. I found 47!!

It was fun. And it had the surprising dividend of helping me see faces, learn stories, and relate to these workers much more sincerely and deeply. I already miss my new friends.

Seeing faces and learning stories are two paths to peace. Even in the lap of luxury!!

Next post (or soon, anyway) I'll list those nationalities. If I had the skill I'd post an illustrated world map, too.

Peace, y'all


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