Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Memorial Day

Another Military holiday. This one to honor those who died in military service to the US. Coming at the end of May, it also serves as the unofficial start of summer. I hope the summer brings more peace in the world, but I doubt it.

Peace y'all


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Molly Dove said...

What would the US be like if it hadn't participated in wars? Would we all be Canadian? Would we have had the imperialist urges that led to our involvement in Cuba, Phillipines and Hawaii? Would California and the Southwest still be part of Mexico? What if France had not sold us the Louisiana Purchase?

Would Australia be full of Aborigines and not the Aussie descendants of convicts from England??

The US would be different, I'm sure. Maybe not as great, but not bad either. Maybe slavery would have been banned by the Crown and that huge scar on the soul of our nation would be whole and healthy. Hmm

What does it mean to be American, anyway? How much of that identity is based on 'from sea to shining sea?'