Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Latin American conflicts

My thoughts are in Central America. My daughter and I will go to Costa Rica on Friday and I really need to tend to a few last-minute details. And today's entry in the Cat Lovers against the Bomb notes that 10 years ago, Guatemala's Truth Commission found that 93% of the civil war deaths were at the hands of the military.

When I was in grad school my prof for the Latin American politics class said the problem was that in Latin America, the countries are occupied by their own military. I guess Guatemala illustrates this point clearly and tragically.

Our military doesn't 'occupy' the U.S. because of some law from Reconstruction times. Plus the Bill of Rights, I think. That would be a good exercise in civics for baby boomers. Find the answer to this: why does the US military NOT meddle in domestic affairs?

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