Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cuba libre

I want USA to normalize relations with Cuba. I have always wanted this but didn't dare to hope until recently. Our stances versus Cuba is silly. It's wrong. It has unintended and unfortunate consequences. It's hypocritical.

Okay, we trade with China --actually we just pour our consumer dollars into Communist China hands-- because through trade we can influence the Chinese government to treat its citizens better, right? But we can't trade with the communist government just a long swim away from our shores? Hypocritical.

Silly. Lilke we take our toys and only play in our own back yard, but the rest of the planet happily trades with Cuba.

Wrong. It's wrong for the tail to wag the dog, and that's what we do with the Miami Cuban-Americans who are angry with Fidel controlling the foreign policy of the United States of America.

Ineffective. See silly, above.

Unintended and unfortunate - by withholding our trade and our riches, we have given the government a bad guy to blame for Cuba's troubles. It's the norteamericanos! We have strengthened Fidel.

Cuba is the pearl of the Antilles. It's lovely and I am eager to be a gringa tourist there. I am eager to bring eco-bucks there. I want to be neighbors with our, well, neighbors.

I want the US to end its silly, stupid, wrong-headed, ineffective policies against Fidel, and act neighborly to our neighbors.

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