Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nebraskans for Peace

Cool website. The Nebraskans for Peace group produce the Cat Lovers Against the Bomb calendar I have loved all through 2009.

I was browsing through lovely calendars at a huge bookstore recently and was distressed to see they were ALL printed in China. Then I checked the back of my wonderful CLAB calendar and saw it was printed in Nebraska. By union workers.

So I've ordered my calendar for 2010. I don't know if it will have different peace-related facts on the pages from those that inspired me in 2009, but it will have different kitties, I'm fairly sure.

Today's tidbits:
The Wounded Knee massacre was this day in 1890. A good reminder that we Americans must resist the sin of pride and work to make all the todays and tomorrows better than our yesterdays.

On this day in 1996, the 36-year-old war in Guatemala ended with the signing of a peace treaty. Guatemalaa continues to pay in painful human terms for that war. I wrote about this last March 11. An excerpt:

Suffrage 18 & universal , except members of Active military, who are confined to barracks
GDP (gross domestic product) $49.73B $
GDP/person $5400
Life expectancy @ birth 69.99
Infant mortality (per 1000 births) 28.79
Literacy 69.1%
%GDP spent on education 2.6

Wow, the military is DISENFRANCHISED! Sad. The infant mortality sucks. Life expectancy is pathetic. Ditto literacy, GDP/person, and percent GDP spent on education.

How much longer will Guatemalans pay the price of that war? Considering that the southern states of the USA still pay for the costs of the Civil War, I fear the price of war will be more painful and more incalculable than ever before in my recognition.

On a more cheerful note, I will appreciate the calendar even more this year. Hope you do too

Peace, y'all


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