Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow, I just found something I wrote on 12/28/08 and I want to share it.

The earth rotates on its axis,
and also travels around the sun.
Since there is no beginning or end (we pray),
the calendar is quite arbitrary.

Every day, and every moment
Start the future
From this moment on—
live as you want to live.

It isn't very poetic but I like the idea of the continuation of time and the cyclic nature of time, and that every moment is the beginning of the future.

I'm trying to hold off a cold, (or is it just severe allergies?) don't feel bad enough to surrender to the sheets but don't feel well enough to proceed at my usual pace, either. I wish my illness wasn't so ambiguous, but then again I had better be careful what I wish for! In truth I am deeply grateful to God for the health and wealth I enjoy.

Thankfulness is a wonderful state of mind.

Peace, y'all


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