Thursday, January 27, 2011

On what goes around...

Last two weeks, I have undertaken a huge and overdue effort, clearing the clutter in my home study. What a process! It's dirty. There's dust and fur (my cats like this room and have contributed to its chaos by knocking things off surfaces). There is evidence of worse cat behavior, too.

Amid the boxes of stuff that is mostly going to be recycled, each day I have found a treasure. Things I have despaired of ever finding, genealogical treasures, various coins, cards and such that are worth real money, photos I had forgotten about.

Also this effort takes me back in time to the year the clutter settled in there.

I have found a leaders guide for Simplicity Circles. Environmental guides. Climate chain info from 18 years ago (alsojournal articles from that era on the need to reform health care in this country).

It helps me realize I've been working on same thing a long time, and that though thevissues persist, they change. So I recycled facts about consumer waste from 1994.

Maybe instead of recycling all this, I'll get it shredded so it can have further use as bedding or cage liners....

The boxes and boxes of STUFF I am ready, even eager to pitch (responsibly). It's daunting, sobering really.

I hope I never again create chaotic clutter like this.

Peace, Y'all


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