Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True confession - what I want in my obituary

Today I did an exercise in visualizing my memorial service, and what would I want others to say about me. This put me in touch with my most deeply held values and revealed the contrast between what I strive for and and what I really do.

What I want to show for my life is this: the planet's highest honor, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yup, that's what I want. Now I realize I must work on my pride issues. I also will write to the 2009 winner and urge him to live up to the faith placed on him with this award.

Peace, y'all



Bukko Boomeranger said...

The Peace Prize lost its shine after it was handed over to Fauxbama even AFTER he had ramped up the bloody occupation in the Himalayan Heroin Colony. If you REALLY want to get one, do like Hopey -- get elected U.S. President, then cover up the war crimes of your predecessors, keep torture prisons open, accelerate war, but do it with a fetching smile on your face like the Pathological Liar. Yeaaaaaah -- that's the ticket!

Molly Dove said...

I agree--and so did Obama--that he didn't deserve the honor. I just reread his acceptance speech and -- it was disturbing.

Still the prize gleems for me. I still believe it's the highest honor on the planet.

Please join me in calling for Obama to keep his pledges on Gitmo and torture (to close and end) and add your voice to the chorus calling for our troops to come home.