Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Amendment Rights in Action at Quaker Lobby Day

Yesterday I flexed most of my first amendment rights. I prayed. I assembled. I spoke. I petitioned the govt.

I am glad I went to Olympia and lobbied. Yet--I am so aware that those who lobby more than I do, who can give our elected officials golf trips and the like, are so much more successful and effective than I.

I really liked seeing so much democracy in one place. Lots of union folks, lots of kids, signs to save our kids, save our schools, protect state workers.

I guess I see democracy around me all the time, but not the baring of the stark reality of the competition of values. It was there, in the state Capitol, where people travel to plead their case.

I am glad to be home, yet I want to remain engaged. The measures I care about help to make the world better. Must keep trying.

Peace, y'all


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