Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revealing myself

The de-cluttering continues. I have found some stuff from the 1980s that is now on its way to scanning, shredding, and recycling. Most of the detritus is paper. I realized last night that the clutter has obscured from me a clear sense of self, and what I've found helps me know myself. I like the me I have found, and I'm ready to say goodbye to the parts that bury me in their 'shoulds.'

I think I've already noticed I'm more effective in doing what I think I should do.

Enough about me. How goes the stroll through life for thee?

Peace, y'all


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Unknown said...

I would agree that clutter buries us and our sense of self. This is something that I've realized for about ten years, but I selectively forget it for periods of time.

I'm in a great period of my life right now where I'm doing a career change to more honest work and also learning a lot about planting, growing, and cooking food. It is a great time to declutter my room and mind so that I can be unencumbered while I grow and learn.