Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb

Yesterday a coworker admired my calendar's October calendar cat, and ended up looking through the whole calendar. She was looking for the entries such as "Fluffy, age 12, returned home to Des Moines after stowing away to Denver, in just 3weeks in 1988."

While seeking entries like that, we both saw many other anniversaries related to peace and justice.

Through love of cats I reached someone I would not expect to have much in common with.

Thank you, Nebraskans for Peace, for this fine calendar, and maybe you'll thank me when this coworker buys the 2012 calendar!

Speaking of buying, tonight I hold a bead for life party and I sure hope I sell lots of beads--and raise more Ugandans out of poverty,

Peace y'all


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