Sunday, October 16, 2011

On community

A sense of community is so important. I feel blessed by friends and neighbors, kindred spirits, people I like and people I love.

Talk about an antidote to mainstream poison!

I shared breakfast with a neighbor. Eggs from my backyard, peaches from his, and coffee fresh from the roasting plant he maintains. So pleasant!

Later on we got a visit from the little girl living on one side of my home, and a visit with the woman on the other side a little later. Also had a call from my closest friend and will host two other close friends for dinner. Yes, today I've seen and heard from many people close to me. And I glow with contentment.

Community? Sort of. There's also the Facebook community. And office community. Etc. This web of human connections supports and nutures me. I'm grateful.

Peace, y'all


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