Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb tells me that on this day in 1941, President Roosevelt gave his 4 freedoms speech. (

It also tells me today is Epiphany. For a mainstream American, this is a quaint old holiday that our culture barely recognizes. Out of fashion, as it were. Probably we are all just nursing our holiday hangovers and need to burrow into our homes and work till the days get longer and the earth renews.

In Catholic countries, especially Eastern Orthodox ones, ephiphany is a much bigger deal. Significantly for Americans, especially in the South, it's the kickoff of the carnival season and the beginning of the festivities that culminate on Fat Tuesday. The king cakes related to Mardi Gras actually relate to Epiphany,which is the date Christians celebrate the visits to the baby Jesus by the 3 kings, or magi.

My retail hangover hurts. I don't mind the lack of shopping but the cold turkey approach to lattes is sad.

Pathetically yours


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