Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who would Jesus bomb?

Day 10 of the retail abstinence. Either 21, 18, or 11 days to go, depending on trips during which I'll need to buy food on the road and could get a latte as well (milk plus buzz--why ever not?).

I am encouraged. I am at worst, 1/3 through this and the only hard part is lattes. The rest is a snap. I think I could easily go retail-free every other day, or weeks at a time, besides the coffee element.

I have wondered what I would turn TOWARD as I said no to most retail temptation (I still buy gas, bread, milk, meds). I am still asking. I know I'm enjoying my regular coffee more and I think I have more time and am getting more done. That's about it. So far.

I browsed in a catalog from Northen Sun, just packed with T shirts, posters, buttons and bumperstickers that say YES to me. A few really resonated, such as the one where people were worshipping the coffee cup, and the How-to-make-community posters, and the "Who would Jesus Bomb?" bumpersticker.

Who would Jesus bomb? Dear God, what a question. I think the answer is "no one, today." I don't know about the past or future. But Jesus represents love and forgiveness to me, and nothing about love and forgiveness supports bombing.

I moved through yesterday thinking "what can I do today to make the world a better place?" And I came up with a few answers. I turned down the thermostat. I smiled at people. I didn't rise (or sink) into the arguments my spouse was throwing my way.

And I didnt' bomb anyone.

Peace, y'all


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