Saturday, March 13, 2010

Have I really not posted since last Sunday? Dear me!

This week I learned if I google Ruby Ridge dairy, I find my own blog posts pretty quick. Also the web is full of news about the workers I now call the Darigold Dozen.

The VP of Darigold is on the brink of meeting with the supporters of the workers. This is good news. On Monday I will talk to a group of local citizens seeking to make our community better, and will brainstorm ways we mere folk can help those workers.

Working to help the Darigold Dozen meets several of the 12 steps to peacemaking I keep in my mind and my assistant brain, the PDA:
1. Pray for Peace and one another - check!
2. See faces -- check!
3. Learn names and stories -- yup!
4. Take the first step -- oh well
5. Reach out and touch --- ???
6. Find common ground -- yes, and I think I can find more to do in this area
7. Make relationships concrete -- lots of potential
8. Give peace offerings -- check
9. Learn languages -- un poco
10 Eat together -- check
11 Celebrate together -- check
12 Stand with those in danger -- check, sort of

So I see I have more work in finding common ground, and the more I do, the better. I also see I can use this work to build and foster alliances and this lays the groundwork for the next social issue.

Praying, writing, and talking about the Ruby Ridge dairy workers are not my only activities for peace this week. But it's enuf for now.

Peace, y'all


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