Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eating together

This is a path to peacemaking I really relate to. That's why my husband and I agreed to bring dinner and an activity to the local youth center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queers, straight kids. Gliberty-Qs.

It was very satisfying for me to accept so much appreciation for the food. I still feel a purr coming on when I recall their declarations and their gusto for the grub.

It also was a stretch for me this time, because each youth--every single one--was plugged into his or her or zer phone or PC, or both. They were not fully present. Part of me thinks - these kids have enough challenges, maybe their phone is all they have going for them. Then I think -- we cooked for 3 hours, brought good food to BE with you kids, can't you give us common courtesy?

Yin and Yang, Salt and Pepper, Day and Night, good and bad, it's all there. I realize I must relax my rigidness and be more open to building relationships. And work a little harder at remembering preferred pronouns.

Maybe next time I'll bring a movie so if the kids want to tune out with their electronics it won't be as big a deal as in the game we were playing.

Anyway, eating together is a good peacemaking thing to do

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