Sunday, April 11, 2010

More on the Ruby Ridge fired workers

Yesterday, through a translator, I learned more about the plight of the fired workers from one of those workers. He said that Ruby Bingen, who owns Ruby Ridge dairy, is denying he ever worked there so he cannot collect unemployment, and says bad things about him when potential new employees call to verify previous employment.

These workers all have families. How can they provide for their families with the Bingens persecuting them?

I learned that things are still bad for workers stil at the dairy. There, 2 workers must milk 1700 cows daily, and 6 workers handle the other 400 cows. The 2 with the impossible workload are the ones in the union.

The workers must provide their own equipment-gloves, aprons, safety items--the Bingens provide only the cows. After the expenses are considered, the workers make less than minimum wage. Is this legal?

Also, the Bingens force the workers there to sign a pledge that they won't join a union as a condition of continued employment. Is this even legal?

Bingens sell their milk to Darigold. I've heard Darigold is giving legal support to the Bingens for their defense in the suit the workers have filed. IF this is so, Darigold is as guilty as the Bingens.

I don't know how those people can look at themselves in the mirror.

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