Friday, April 30, 2010

On bread, beads, and my fridge

The official "living room" bead party was last night and turned out well. I had 7 guests, which was quite a surprise to me (I feared far fewer). It was really enjoyable for me, and others I am quite sure. The take was good, but I must be jaded because it disappointed me any way.

My sales are up to $2330, which is really very good. I am happy to know the benefit of my effort will help so many in Uganda.

Now on to bread. I have yet to bake it but I still plan to. Tomorrow I think will be the big day. Or maybe Sunday==this is process, not an event, and I must plan.

Bread, the staff of life. Lenin promised "land, peace, bread." basic things. Learning to make basic bread while selling beads to help our Ugandan sisters buy food and shelter. We are all so linked.

Now the fridge... needs defrosting AGAIN!! I think this really means it's time to get a new fridge. Quelle bummer. But a newer fridge will be more efficient, and that's a very good thing.

The women in my party -- Shall I name names?
Kathy, who I've know for more than 20 years, who is the only person to consistently beat me in Scrabble. Kathy wants to be a crew member on the Enterprise, and explore space. She loves to fly, but aims instead for the heavens. Or to be a Sandhill Crane.
Marilyn - daughter of pioneers, great customer for my parties, a very very good person, stalwart member of League of Women Voters and dutiful caregiver. I admire her goodness. She'd be a river otter.
Kim - another isolated Quaker in our area, who I relate to so well I don't understand why we remain isolated from each other. Another river otter wannabe.
Laura - she's so beautiful in spirit and appearance. She helps people heal. I wish I had her quiet grace, and her amazing red hair.
Victoria - a playful girl in a woman's body, fun, smart, living fully. She taught me to knit.
Dana - Taurus, mom of three, of whom two are autistic. She deals. She leads an autism advocacy group and sells Mary Kay.
Nina - Briefly an Oasis mom, a regular at our library, a kind and smart soul.

How does this lead me to peace? Hmmmm.

Connecting to others is a step in peacemaking. And with each woman I shared the story of our sisters in Uganda, and to some of them I shared the need of the Darigold Dozen.

My bead party must end soon. I think I will mail what remains next Saturday or Sunday. There won't be too much!

Peace, y'all


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