Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bread baking

I went today to a bread baking class the local slow food group sponsored. It was fine fun, and most of the folks also bought some of my BeadforLife offerings. I also had good time with a good friend of mine, an altogether good time. How can I be so blessed when so many others are not?

We are thawing our frostfree fridge, which had an amazing unauthorized ice buildup on the coils. I have never before taking apart a fridge this way. The emptying of the freezer went quite easily, since we did this just one month ago (apparently we didn't get to the root of the problem, though). And it's still clean from last month so that's one other thing we didn't have to tend to.

Thanks to God for portable hair dryers/freezer defrosters.

Peace, y'all


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