Tuesday, March 16, 2010

update on the Ruby Ridge workers

Darigold is trying to resolve the issues of the fired workers from the Ruby Ridge dairy,(the Darigold Dozen), who were fired after trying to form a union. The workers have a suit for violation of state rules for employment and federal laws against discrimination. Hooray for Darigold for trying to find resolution.

Darigold is in this because Ruby Ridge dairy is a Darigold coop member. I don't know what happens at other dairies in my area but think I will find out, and share. I hope dairy users will buy from dairies whose workers and cows are treated with respect and care.

The fired Ruby Ridge workers are anxious and need your moral and financial support.

peace, y'all


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Heart of America Northwest said...

Hey Molly - this is unrelated to this post, but just wanted to say that you're right about the comment period on the Hanford EIS being extended for 45 days. How did you know? It's not to be announced in the Federal Register until this Friday, March 19th.

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