Saturday, June 5, 2010

On Driving Less

I have deepened my faith and practice. I have decided to STOP driving to work until.... maybe a medical appt, or if I must be somewhere RIGHT after work.... I have bought a bus pass for the first time. The first 2.3 years of riding the bus, I didn't do it enough to make it less expensive than buying 10-ride books. Since the price of riding rose and I ran out of cheap 10-ride tickets (I stocked up before the price changed) I'm now in the ranks of bus pass users.

I hope to use the car way less. I'll measure this by frequency of fillups. This month will be light because we'll park the car while out of town. Putting miles on a rental car, alas.

I also hope the walking will help me improve my health and fitness.

I will gently encourage others to give up their cars. At least sometimes. How I'd love to get my husband onto the bus. Baby steps first.

Peace, y'all

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