Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On guilt, graciousness and God

My password, one of my dozens, has the word Miracle in it and whenever I type it I wonder if one will become evident to me. I think I experienced a wee one two days ago. My mood was very fragile. After a weekend of mostly depression I was intensely hoping for some joy. Then I prayed the formal, thorough way I learned of in "the year of living biblically." The acronym ACTS stands for adoration, contrition, thanksgiving (my favorite part), and supplication. My prevailing supplication was to find joy and lose the funk. And a little while layer, I did!

About guilt--should I feel guilt over the carbon price of this trip to Pa and NJ? I don't think guilt is needed but mindfulness is. Thinking of how to mitigate our carbon for this trip, and think I'll find a few ways.
And the coworker who was challenging me over the carbon from this trip--that's my business, not hers.

I don't need toxic tips from people close to me.

Peace on a few levels. Peace in my heartthrough a funk- lifting prayer, peace in my soul by seeking and doing what I can to mitigate this trip, and peace in my house by keeping toxic people at arm's length.

Peace y'all, wherever you need it


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