Sunday, June 6, 2010

On sharing what I receive

I receive tons of great information from Quaker sources and always think--I'll share that in the blog! And sometimes I actually do. But like so many of my great ideas, it clutters my life and surrounds me with one more "shoulda." I sure don't want more of those.

In a recent bulletin from Friends Committee on National Legislation, a (the?) Quaker lobby group in Washington DC, came a gem from Dr King: "coalitions of concience to close the gaps in broken community." These few words make a phrases that inspires me to keep sharing messasges and ideas, to keep living according to my faith and practice, to be a shining example of simple living and loving, to gently encourage others.

The broken community I see is the oil-addicted society and its members. When we can't do without our car, we are expressing that addiction.

The broken community is our now polarized partisan political system. My community received almost $2B in stimulus funding but our congressman voted against it. Guess what party he is in?

The broken community is the "us" and "them" culture, wherever we find it. I am ready to form a coalition of conscience with anyone, everyone. Any takers?

Peace, y'all


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