Monday, June 21, 2010

Sustainability starts with me - phase 1

Sustainability is my present focus. At work I am the default, de facto lead for the team that is supposed to to some good with no impact on staff time. At home I am always looking for ways to walk more gently.

This leads me to right here. At home we bought a new, energy-efficient fridge. So new and clean, my husband doesn't want all those magnets and flyers to go on the new fridge. What to do with those things? One of these is a small poster from the E3 conference 2 years ago. E3 stands for economy, education, and environment. It illustrates the interconnectedness of what we do.

I quote:
it all comes down to personal choices--at work, school, or church, people must choose sustainable behavior. Imagine e3 as a wheel and the spokes carry messages (goals) out from the center (individual behavior). People may learn at school, work, or club, and bring that behavior home, changing their own behavior.

I am seeing this interconnectedness very clearly. Hope to harness it to amplify my peacemaking.

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