Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On homelessness.

Home. Home is where the heart is. The ultimate aim of all ambition is to be happy at home, so said someone long ago.

II love my home. It's comfortable and pretty, and every part of it reflects the tastes and efforts of my husband and me. There is no other home I like so well, though I do suffer some kitchen envy when I visit a few friends.

Today, visiting the big city, I saw homeless people. I tried to truly see them, not to stare but not to ignore either. I am so grateful for my lovely safe home. How I wish everyone were so blessed.

The book Nickeled and Dimed revealed to me the surprising number of employed people who are homeless, and how difficult it is to find a decent place to live when you live check to check.

The USA's poverty rate is determined based on what it costs to feed someone or a family. Yet food prices in the US are low, artificially and inappropriately so. So you can have a full belly but no place to set it down to rest?

Income polarization is a bad thing.

What are your thoughts on affordable housing and homelessness?

Peace, y'all


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