Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Quaker Query opposing war

I found this query on my computer this evening, and am ever so glad I did.

Do you live in the life and power which takes away the occasion for all wars? Do you refuse to participate in or cooperate with all military effort? Do you work actively for peace and the removal of the causes of wars? Do you endeavor to cultivate good will, mutual understanding, and equal opportunities for all races, creeds and nations? Have you examined your lifestyle and possessions to make sure that the seeds of war are not found in them?

Hmmmm. Seeds of war? Like driving a car that runs on gasoline? Like buying clothes made by exploited workers? Or chocolate grown by child slaves?

It isn't comfortable to think of how my life and possessions hold seeds of war.

Even less comfortable is the question about cooperating with military effort. I do pay income taxes, so I directly subsidize my nation's greedy military. Maybe one day I'll have so little income that don't. That day is not yet here.

I do endeavor to cultivate goodwill. The Bead sale is one clear and recent example.

I guess I answer the query with Yes, Not Really, Yes, I Really Try, and Yes--but no.

Peace, Y'all


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