Monday, September 26, 2011

Peacemaking priorities

This weekend I listed my peacemaking priorities. These are the areas I care about most deeply and where I want to put my efforts (and money). There are so many worthy causes, some related to peace and some not.

Human rights, fighting slavery and torture and supporting the work of Amnesty International.

Climat change- cutting carbon personally, urging and helping others, and changing laws and rules.

Immigration reform

Clean water for all

Opposition to war--the bloated military budget, landmines, and obsolete and overpriced weapons. Justice for veterans.

Prison reform, mitigating the new Jim Crow, harsh sentencing, and supporting marijuana decriminalization.

Repairing the impacts of racism and colonialism.

Protecting abortion rights

Help prevent abortions and unwanted pregnancy through family planning



Health care reform.

This list helped me say no to a fundraising appeal that came to me this weekend.

What's on your list, friends?



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Molly Dove said...

Peacemaking includes time, effort, and money. I find it easy to say yes to some things (meetings, events, petitions, abstentions) and easy to say no to others (like the people who perch at store entrances to collect your unplanned and spontaneous, impulsive donations for this or that which are NOT on my list of priorities!