Monday, January 5, 2009

461 years ago today.....

My family's "Cat Lovers Against the Bomb" calendar brings me wonderful facts on peacemakers and cats. The entry for today is that in 1548, Francisco Suarez was born.

Who was Francisco Suarez? I admit I had no idea, but now I do and so will you. He was a pioneer of international law. And a Catholic superstar.

Come to think of it, international law didn't just hatch one day. Someone had to start it.

Suarez entered the Society of Jesuits at age 16. He was ordained in 1572. During his lifetime he was regarded as the greatest living theologian and philosopher. He rejected the divine right of kings. He argued only the Church was established by the Divine, and states were creations of the people.

I can't describe Suarez's legacy in short readable sentences so I'd just say this--Google him yourself if you want to learn more.

Also, think about international law. Do you take it for granted? How does a nation's sovereignty fit with international law? How should international law be enforced?

Peace, y'all


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