Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I learn while preparing for a party

Tomorrow is our Obama inauguration party. I have learned a few things.

I live in a relatively small city, and the retail options for some things are limited. So I can't sashay into a party shop two days before a party and expect to find bunting and patriotic banners. I'm sure a larger community can support a store with far more inventory. I could have ordered them online but alas, we will do without. Darn.

I also learned that hot items are anything with Obama on them, such as dress-up magnets and bobbleheads. Darn again.

I have learned which grocery stores have better spice selections as I searched for something for one of the Kenya recipes.

I am impressed by how many pictures I see of Obama in the media. Bring it on!

I am delighted that the deputy director of my agency will allow us to watch the inauguration on TV while we're at work on Tuesday.

Peace is not prevailing in my home today. My two loved-est loved ones are sniping at each other and it isn't too peaceful in the cross-fire. But reading my own blog inspires me to focus on gratitude and the spiritual aspects of home caring and cooking. One of these I've done lots of and the other I'm about to. Peace in my own head.

Tomorrow we entertain on a far larger scale than usual. That puts me in a prayerful mood.

Viva Obama!

Peace, y'all


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