Friday, October 29, 2010

International Buy Nothing Day approaches!

I like planning and in my head Halloween is already over. My head hopped ahead to the end of the month and my next opportunity to spread the word on simplicity and sustainability. I had a great idea.

I want to host a big party for International Buy Nothing Day!

The message of IBNDay is a negative one -- to NOT do something (to NOT join the mobs engaging in the post-Thanksgiving retail frenzy).

Rather, I want to have a party to enjoy and have fun with friends, maybe even make it a left-overs potluck.

Play games, share ideas on ways to celebrate sustainable and sensibly, popping popcorn,maybe making something for someone more needy--with companionship and fun.

Sound good? Steal my idea! Only it isn't stealing if I give it to you.

Hope you accept this gift, observe IBNDay, and share the occasion with others in a fun way.

Peace, y'all


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