Monday, October 18, 2010

Please comment

Besides Tom in Ohio, I have 'no' idea who reads this, nor what readers think of it. Before last week I had 'no' idea IF anyone read this blog. I truly thought, each time I started to write, that once more I was peeing in the dark. That's what I thought.

Last week I realized Blogger now offers 'stats.' It felt like an answer to my prayers! Yes! People ARE reading! I am still thrilled. And grateful.

And motivated. I want to build peace pretty much all the time. And I would like others to do it too. Peace is a process. Its sisters are justice, harmony, love, brotherhood. We reach these sweet spots in special moments. Sometimes we have a general sense we are in thw right place--especially if we have a full belly and a warm, dry place to sleep.

Yet when we are in a good place, maybe giving a prayer of thanks for our meal as we gather with our loved ones, we know the world is not perfect.

'Perfect' means complete, finished. The world is not perfect. In dozens of places on the planet, armed conflict is ripping apart civil society, lives, and the environment. Somewhere right now millions do not have enough to eat. Or a warm, dry place to sleep. Or justice. Or freedom.

That's why peacemaking must continue. In our hearts, in our words, in our actions.

As I meander through life my temporal path is straight. My peacemaking path is anything but. I reach for peace every day, when I smile at strangers, when I seek some kind thing to say to every one I encounter, when I become a sponge and absorb the words that provoke me and extinguish them with love, when I strive to cut my carbon, to help the immigrants and gay kids, when I cook some of God's bounty to nourish the bodies and souls of others (and me), when I open my checkbook wide, when I pray, and when I write in this blog.

I want readers to walk this path with me. Sometimes I will lead, sometimes you will. We will add to the level of goodness in the universe either way.

Peace, y'all


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