Friday, October 15, 2010

Voting today

Today from the comfort of my home I'll exercise one of my most valuable rights. I will vote. Not just once--there is so much confusion on this. This ballot has 32 separate races or issues for me to vote on. When I cast my vote for Patty Murray, it will be the 8th time, I think. The first time was in 1992. when I realize how many votes I really have, I feel very blessed--and empowered.

I also feel awe for the people who have suffered and died for the right to vote. I am grateful for those who have protected my right. I am grateful for the integrity of the electoral process. I doubt it's flawless, but it's pretty good.

I am grateful for the League of Women Voters. I am pleased I am one of them.

I am thrilled to realize that today, some of the brand new US citizens I registered to vote after the Naturalization ceremony may be casting their votes alongside me today.

Hmmm. The government is by the people, of the people, and for the people. Since I love other people and recognize that of God in each of them, I guess I indirectly love the government. And that which we love, we nurture. So I will renew my birthday pledge to the USA and exercise my rights--and duties.

Peace, y'all


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