Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peacemaking on Halloween

I have a sweet idea for Halloween. I am in the phase of life of having little trick or treaters visit my home, not escorting one of those little duffers. I wince over the trash this holiday creates and the escalating decoration, plus the tragic waste of food--pumpkin is a food after all.

I learned recently about "reverse trick or treating." That's when kids give adults a small piece of fair trade chocolate taped to a card with the hard facts of child slavery in cocoa-growing areas.

I am going to order little pieces of fair trade chocolate and make my own card. It will say something like

Hey, parents! Did you know that most of the chocolate you child collects tonight was grown in tropical areas by slaves who are children just a few years older than your own precious child? Mainstream chocolate companies don't want to tell you that. Using disposable slaves keeps costs down and profits up. This little bit of chocolate was made by adult workers who have decent conditions and get a fair wage. Enjoy this morsel

Visit www. I'll find the websites .

How does that sound?

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