Thursday, October 21, 2010

Never mind Christmas -- let's make a list for Congress

Just 2 more weeks of attack ads, campaign letters to the editor, and emails asking for money. Nothing is happening besides campaigning right now. But in a short while our elected leaders will get back to work. But on what?

Time to flex those first amendment rights and petition the government. I am going to make a list of issues I know need attention. Then I'll identify where the solutions come from, and how to petition the decisionmakers.

For example, immigration. The fix is clearly at the federal level. And we need comprehensive reform. What can we do locally? Petition, assemble, speak out.

We can see our representatives' voting record.

What else? That's the work of the listmaking.

Prayer will help me find inspiration. Will make this idea more robust and useful.

Peace, y'all


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