Friday, March 30, 2012

Immigration reform - when?

America badly needs immigration reform.  Our status quo is NOT working.  We have 11 million hard-working people "without paper," undocumented.   We have the potential, often actualized, of abuse of these workers because they fear deportation.  We have an economy crying for low-wage workers and milllions who answer the call, and cannot particpate in our democracy fully and openly.  

Immigration reform has stalled in Washington DC becuase it has become a partisan issue, and the prevailing speed for partisan gridlock is PARK.  Nothing happens.   Perhaps that will change after the 2012 presidential election.  Perhaps.   Obama wants to try again, but it will be safer for members of Congress if they don't have an election looming over them.   Perhaps if a Republican wins, that party will be eager to mend its relations with Hispanic voters. 

Perhaps not.  Here is an ominous report on Candidate Romney's approach - make life so miserable for the undocumented that they 'self-deport."   This is draconian.   what will making life more miserable look like?  here a a few ideas
  1. Unable to find a decent job, workers will turn more to those who will exploit them.
  2. Unable to find a decent job, workers will turn to crime. 
  3. If the crime is not solved, the victim of crime suffers.
  4. If the crime is solved, the accused will be deported.  And what of that worker's family?
  5. If children cannot attend school, their futures are doomed.
  6. If undocumented cannot get medical care, they will be sicker and will die. They'll suffer.  
  7. If they cannot get drivers' licenses, they are more likely to drive unsafely. 
  8. Women and girls may turn to prostitution, voluntarily or involuntarily.
I don't want my government to impose these outcomes on anyone on our soil.  

I want comprehensive immigration reform.  I expect more from our government than its current inertia.

Peace and justice, y'all


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