Monday, March 12, 2012

Peace begins with me

So many things wrong in this world, yet many things are right as well. Peacemaking fixes wrongs and reinforces rights, in that word's many meanings.

I'm always seeking more ways to do Good in the world. I've just come home from a trip that distracted me fairly well from this goal, but now I'm home and want to renew my personal peacemaking efforts. What good shall I do this day?

How about you?

Tomorrow is another day, and I look forward to it and to the good I may do.

Here are a few thoughts:
* Give a kind word to everyone I talk to
* Work hard and honestly
* Finish some jobs that are lurking, persisting, and eroding my well- being
* Do something modest and humble.
* Sign some petitions and lobby a bit (I do this nearly daily, and it's good, though not enough)
* Write a few cards that are NOT petitions because they are said to have more impact than petitions.

That would be a fine start.

Ideas, friends?

Peace, y'all


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