Sunday, March 18, 2012

ways to combat slavery, part 2 (at least)

FREED.  That's the name of the group at the Bethel church I have allied with.   The mission:  To equip and mobilize the church to effectively make disciples as we work togethr to combat the area of human trafficking, local and globally.

Our ambition: to see every man, woman, and child freed from opppression as we
Free slaves
Restore and redeem surviviors and perpetrators with the love of Christ
Educate about education and its factors
Equip and connect Christ-followers to combat human trafficking
Demolish cultural strongholds that enable and perpetuate slavery.

I am not on board with every word of this, because it limits itself to Christ followers.  But I'm on board anyway. 

FREED partners with International Justice Mission.  Also with Agape International Missions and Shared Hope International.

Thinking about how to fight slavery from my home, these thoughts come to me
  1. Visit websites like Interanational Justice Missions, and learn and follow their suggestions
  2. Exercise those First Amendment rights and petition our government to take stronger actions
  3. Open that checkbook (figuratively speaking) and donate to slavery-fighting groups and to charities that help displaced and distressed populations, near and far. 
  4. Refrain from buying things that are not slavery free.
After I click the "publish post" button, I'm going to order fair trade chocolates, the little bites I ran out of last week.

Peace, y'all


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