Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's History Day

It's today.  Did you celebrate it, wherever you are?   I am doing so right now.  I'm a woman and I drive the car and make the money in my family.  I have more assets than my husband, and I'm a mom as well as a sis and a daughter.

This is to say - I saw no recognition of the holiday whatsoever.  I did hear a radio report of the sexual abuse, even trafficking, of Afghan women in the police force.   And Google's name today had a feminine symbol. 

That's it.

While women have ascended to the presidency of dozens of nations, from Brazil to Germany to .... the stinking Intermonetary Fund, we still hear of sexual abuse on grand scales, we still have a siege on reproductive rights in several of the United States.

One key to making the world better is to educate girls.  When girls are educated, they earn more and they delay becoming mothers.  And have fewer children. 

So, let's put more of our efforts toward educating girls.

And let's send a thank you to Brazil, where it's now a crime to pay women 70% of what men in the same job earn.   In the US it's okay, but Brazil is putting some teeth into the rhetoric for women's equality.

I wonder what my mother would think of how I've turned out.  And I wonder what HER mother might think, were she still around. 

Peace, y'all


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